iPad midi foot controller

Today I finished my midi footcontroller for my ipad.


I think it feels a bit weird swiping my ipad on stage,
and since I’m also holding a guitar I found the need for a footcontroller.
I mainly use an app called SetListMaker on stage. This app can be controlled via midi.
Of course I could have used my Behringer FCB1010 midi-footcontroller
but I wanted something that looked a bit more lo-tech.

So I milled a piece of tree trunk (actually Bas did this.. thnx Bas)
and fitted some single throw momentary footswitches that I had lying around.
Next I soldered them to a Teensy 2 and stuffed everything nicely under a piece of sheetmetal.

Since the Teensy can be programmed to act as a midi-device,
al that was left was to connect it via ‘the camera connection kit’.
A custom cable would have been nice, but that’s far more complicated.
(maybe the next version)

No let’s see if it survives the first real gig.