Running Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 3

Here are the steps I made to compile Visual Studio Code on a Raspberry Pi 3
rpi 2 should work too I guess
Compiling takes some time, but only has to be done once of course.

It works on Ubuntu Mate 15.10.3 although it is slow.
It takes somewhere between 40 – 50 seconds to start┬á on a Pi 3.
I will try it on Raspbian soon.
[edit] Yes it works on Raspbian too!

You can install the haxe plugin by checking out the git repo at

then quit en restart vscode. I am getting warnings that the haxe extension is taking (too) long to start.
But it will get there eventually..

I am also trying to get the vscode-hxcpp-debug extension to work. But no luck so far.
I can compile the debugger-binary by using the build-linux.hxml and adding the -D noM32 flag.But it won’t run, so I guess something more is needed. I will update this post when it’s working.